An unreliable memoir

Suddenly the sky was full of lapwings

It was a peaceful morning. The birds were quietly foraging and many were taking a mid morning nap with their heads under their wings. Then the peregrine showed up. Chaos ensued and many birds took to the air. Peace no longer.

Personally, if I was a lapwing faced with an aerial predator like a peregrine, I’d make like a stone with the nesting behavior and hunker down. The lapwings disagreed, and decided the textbook flocking behavior was the thing to do. What do I know about not being predated?

The peregrine did several passes over the site but I didn’t see it catch anything. Maybe it wasn’t that hungry. But nobody got any rest for the remainder of the morning, everyone was on edge and the peace was gone.

Nikon D5200 Tamron 500mm f8 1/1000 ISO 1000

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