An unreliable memoir

What birds?

Blue tits
For the past few years the birds in my garden have been behaving oddly. There are birds there but we hardly ever see them. They don’t come to the feeders and any food put out stays until it is hoovered up by the pigeons. The reason this is odd is because it is so different from a few years ago when the birds were much more visible.

Over the years we have had a succession of species, with sparrows, greenfinches, blue tits, coal tits, goldfinches as the dominant species. There have been a few changes – a tree cut down in a neighbouring garden – but nothing major, so they shy behaviour is a bit of a mystery. And that makes the Big Garden Birdwatch a bit of a letdown.

Nikon D5200 Nikkor 18-55mm 55mm f6.7 1/180 ISO 200

Wood pigeon
Nikon D5200 Tamrom 500mm f8 1/250 ISO 1000


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