An unreliable memoir

Deep Purple

Early Purple Orchid

Nikon D5200 Tokina 100mm f11 1/250 ISO 100

Planned orchid hunting was almost completely washed out by the wet weekend. No matter, we need the rain. On the way home we managed to stop on a roadside verge at Deep Lane which has several species of orchids (including some vexatious hybrids). These Early Purple Orchids (Orchis mascula) were putting on a fine show. The hoverfly (don’t know what species, but it’s a male – the eyes touch) had bedded down on it for what turned out to be a wet and windy night. I find it incredible that we’re not really sure what the pollinators are for one of the commonest orchid species in Britain (although it’s more likely to be a bumblebee than this chap).

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