An unreliable memoir

Learning all the time

… as Benny Hill used to say.
Red-and-black Froghopper
Red-and-black Froghopper – Cercopis vulnerata. Sony DSC-HX20V f/3.2 4.5mm 1/640 ISO 100

I think I’ve taken more photographs of insects (and plants) in the last year than the total number of photos I had taken in my whole life previously. But in addition, I’ve also looked at (and admired) a huge number of other people’s photos. Apart from a nice sense of the seasons going by, along the way I’ve learned so much.
I was standing in a field when I saw a striking red and black insect I’ve never seen before. “Oh”, I said to my self, “it’s a Red-and-black Froghopper”. Which was nice.

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