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Old Lady Mothsterchef

Old Lady
You’ve seen Celebrity Masterchef? Well this is the Old Lady version – Mothsterchef.
Old Lady, Mormo maura. Nikon D5200 Tokina 100mm f22 1/250 ISO 100

At some point in their career, all aspiring Lepidopterists have to try sugaring – preparing a sweet aromatic syrup to attract moths. Some moths are attracted to light, but not all of them. Some are much more into the sweet stuff. Each moth manic has their own secret recipe that they would not divulge even on pain of death, so here’s mine:

6 ripe loganberries
1 strawberry
50mL red wine
50g Demerera sugar
1 tsp Scottish heather honey
Mash the berries and stew everything together in a saucepan over a low heat (don’t let the sugar burn) until it becomes thick and sticky. Then add the secret ingredient and cook for a few more minutes. Clearly I’m not going to tell you what the secret ingredient is. It’s a secret. Allow to cool slightly, place in a glass jar and keep in the fridge. To use, smear a goodly portion in a good moth spot.

Within half an hour, I was surrounded by Old Ladies (Mormo maura), impressive moths with a wingspan over 50mm. I was half expecting Wayne Rooney to turn up as well. They do not come to light but are notorious for their addiction to sugar, as you can see. More tea vicar?

Old Ladys

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