An unreliable memoir

Why should we care about the curlew?


For me, the Curlew is a bird of rocky shores and muddy estuaries. Their song brings back the smell of the sea. Of course, if you are Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred (strong in the arm…), they probably remind you of moorland and the wind in your face. These days, my Curlews are birds of muddy reservoirs in the Midlands. And they don’t sing much there. But soon no-one may hear the song of the Curlew. The UK hosts 28% of the global breeding population – which declined by 46% between 1995 and 2013 and the Curlew was classified as globally near threatened with extinction by the IUCN in 2007.

Make the most of it.

Eurasian curlew, Numenius arquata. Nikon D5200 Tamron 150-600mm f6.3 600mm 1/350 ISO 400

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