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Rusty Oak Button

Rusty Oak Button

It’s been a good year in many ways, but not for Lepidoptera. A few grassland butterflies did well (I’ve never seen as many Gatekeepers as this year), but most butterflies and moths had a very poor year. I’m not talking here about the 40% year-on-year decline that 76% of UK butterflies are suffering, but standard seasonal variation that changes from year to year. Perhaps next year will be better, but at this time of year it doesn’t really matter – we aspirant Lepidopterists have got a bad dose of cabin fever. So when a Rusty Oak Button turns up in your kitchen when you’re eating breakfast, you grab it quick. Then spend a happy hour making an 8 image focus stack.

Rusty Oak Button, Acleris ferrugana. Nikon D5200 Tokina 100mm f8 1/180 ISO 100, 8 image focus stack


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