An unreliable memoir



I’ve been interested in Hockney’s exploration of photography for many years, but I’ve not given it much thought for some time. A few weeks ago I stumbled across someone on Instagram making Hockney-style joiners. It set me thinking, and experimenting. According to Hockney, joiners extend photography by capturing time – as with a painting, they are not a single image but constructed over a time sequence.

My first experiment was quite successful and revealed something else. Since a joiner is not taken from a single viewpoint the perspective is much more three dimensional than a single photograph. This is apparent when you compare a joiner with a Photoshop Merge.

After that, it all went wrong, and I have not been able to produce an image I am happy with. Today Terese volunteered to help me have another go, but when I did the merge, I obviously did something wrong in Photoshop and didn’t get the expected result. This needs more work…

Pearblossom Highway

Terese 2

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