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I need a botanist!

Pointed Spear-moss

As an “ex-gardener”, over the last year I’ve been trying to “rewild” my lawn. It worked well last summer and autumn with a continued succession of flowers and fungi (and a hell of a lot less work). But now that winter has come, the moss has taken over, as it always does. Like mine, your lawn may currently be more moss than grass. Depending on where you live and the underlying geology, Pointed Spear-moss is a likely culprit. I could pretend that I’m trying to emulate the beautiful moss lawns of Kyoto – but I’m not. In previous years, the rake would have come out as soon as the ground was dry enough to remove as much moss as possible and encourage the grass to grow. But now I want to encourage the wildflowers, not the grass. Will the moss choke them? To rake or not to rake, that is the question.

Pointed Spear-moss, Calliergonella cuspidata, 6 image focus stack.

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