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The bashful moss

Grey-cushioned Grimmia

I love the softness of Grey-cushioned Grimmia, but it bugs me. Given that mosses want to distribute their spores widely, why does this species characteristically bury its sporangia in its cushion? Is it shy?

Grey-cushioned Grimmia, Grimmia pulvinata.

Wet Wet Wet?

Wall Screw-moss

In a rare dry moment, the cushion of this tough moss still looks wet, but it’s just the light on the grey nerves at the ends of the leaves.

Wall Screw-moss, Tortula muralis.

Reach for the skies

Intermediate Screw-moss, Syntrichia intermedia

Intermediate Screw-moss, Syntrichia intermedia.

Intermediate Screw-moss

Great Hairy Screw-moss

Great Hairy Screw-moss

And who among us doesn’t like a great hairy screw? I’m sorry for all the moss at the moment, but they have such beautiful photogenic shapes, especially when the sun strikes them like this.

Even if I did have to hang over a reservoir wall by my ankles to get this shot of this base-loving moss on the limestone.

Great Hairy Screw-moss, Syntrichia ruralis subsp. ruralis.

Red Alert

Rough-stalked Feather-moss

Nearly dead but very red. The closer you look the more you see.

Rough-stalked Feather-moss, Brachythecium rutabulum.

Rough-stalked Feather-moss