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Southern Hawker

Southern HawkerSculpture exhibition today (of which more later), but this Southern Hawker stole my heart.
Sadly this specimen was not much longer for this world, but at least it is now immortalized on the Internet.
My first dragonfly of they year – feels good to finally have got one under my belt 🙂

That’s not a dragonfly!

Highland cowWe went out looking for dragonflies at the weekend, but it was too windy, only saw one – everything else was hunkered down. Had to give up after a couple of hours, so we zipped over to Beacon Hill and took photos of … cows. The Longhorns are my favourite, but this Highland cow was probably the best shot. Although she looks fairly chilled, I think she was actually pretty uncomfortable – too hot and being bothered by flies. Shortly after this shot was taken, she flaked out altogether. I know how she felt.

Update: I’m sure there are weirder groups on Flickr than the one I’ve just been invited to join … but I don’t care to know about them.