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Defrosting the car

Defrosting the Car
This was the inside of the windscreen. And this was the only photo I took today, the rest of the day being taken up by an unavoidable expedition up the M6 in the freezing fog, consisting of a repeating cycle of dodgy drivers, achingly beautiful unattainable photo opportunities, and terror.

iPhone 5s ƒ2.2 4.2mm 1/805 ISO 32


Luton Airport as a metaphor for 2015

Luton Airport
Luton Airport. You’re welcome to it.
Please fasten your seat belts, 2015 is going to be a bumpy ride.

Sony DSC-HX20V ƒ5.6 55mm 1/250 ISO 400

Yet another hurried St Pancras shot

St Pancras
I’ve spent most of today incarcerated in Clerkenwell, embroiled in deep discussion of semantic tagging and content taxonomies. I was determined to get some decent shots, but neither the weather or my schedule played ball. So it’s yet another hurried St Pancras shot.