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Fiat L.E.D.


In the beginning Edison created the light bulb.
And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And CREE said, Let there be LEDs; and there was light.

LEDs have come a long way in a short time. Don’t confuse the current generation of high output LEDs with the cheap battery powered and solar crap you can buy. These 6500K CREEs pack a real punch.

And yes, since you ask, I am a bit of an LED nerd.

I Hate Technology


I hate technology … when it goes wrong. Like today.

I had a sort out over the weekend, recycled an old computer that had come to the end of its life. The problem these days is how not to discard the data it contains. Even hours of careful low level reformatting isn’t guaranteed to protect personal data you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands, so the simplest solution is physical destruction of the storage media. And the simplest way to do that (unless you’ve got an angle grinder, which I don’t) is to drill a bunch of holes right through the drive casing and the platter.

Then this morning I found that my backup disk wouldn’t mount. Seemingly unfixable after following all the advice online. The last thing anyone needs is a dodgy backup, so I trudged off into town and picked up a shiny new backup disk. At least the prices of storage are very reasonable these days.

And the good news is I now know what my future holds. Obviously, I can’t tell you exactly what that is for fear of corrupting the space-time continuum, but I am allowed to say that it involves an electric drill, a failed disk and a bunch of holes.

Nikon D5200 Nikkor 18.0-55.0mm f8 55.0 mm 1/100 ISO 2200