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DerelictThursday – Demolition Leicester

Demolition Leicester

iPhone 5S f2.2 4.2mm 1/873 ISO 40

On Sunday we had the big bang. I had planned to go and photograph it, but in the event I couldn’t face it so I went in the opposite direction. I still heard it though, five miles away. And now we have piles of rubble. And dust. Much dust. But this is the old indoor market. Going, going… It feels like the whole city is being demolished. I wouldn’t mind, except that there has been little thought as to what will occupy the space and it’s clear that there will be loss of public amenity. Someone’s making a profit.

New Walk Centre

Chim chim-in-ey

Chim chim-in-ey
I’ve developed a weird (non-priapic) fascination with this chimney, having shot it several times before. But when the light is this good…

Sony DSC-HX20V ƒ5.0 30.0mm 1/160 ISO 800

Walk The Walk

CranesFor many months these cranes outside my window have been an ongoing source of fascination (and not a few photographs). And now they’re coming down. Two cranes have become one. How do you take a crane down? With another crane of course. Which poses the question – how did they build the first crane?

iPhone 5s ƒ2.2  4.2 mm 1/348  ISO 32

Yet another hurried St Pancras shot

St Pancras
I’ve spent most of today incarcerated in Clerkenwell, embroiled in deep discussion of semantic tagging and content taxonomies. I was determined to get some decent shots, but neither the weather or my schedule played ball. So it’s yet another hurried St Pancras shot.