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The Holly and the Ivy

Holly and Ivy

Nikon D5200 Tamron 17-50mm f8 50mm 1/250 ISO 100. 4 image focus stack.

Merry Christmas everyone.



Dahling, that glittery vajazzle is sooo last Christmas.


Glitter. Nikon D5200 Tokina 100mm f5.6 1/180 ISO 100

Evidently Tinseltown


The ******* view is ******* vile
For ******* miles and ******* miles
The ******* babies ******* cry
The ******* flowers ******* die
The ******* food is ******* muck
The ******* drains are ******* ******
The colour scheme is ******* brown
Everywhere in Tinseltown.

With apologies to JCC and Imindoors.

Tinsel. Nikon D5200 Tokina 100mm f5.6 1/180 ISO 100

The recipe after the day before

Christmas Pudding
No-one here likes turkey, so Boxing Day is all about left over Christmas pudding. As a change from fried, fritters or other variations on a theme, today it’s going to be Christmas Bread And Butter Pudding.

Crumbled Christmas pudding, cubes of bread and butter, a little spice, grated rind of a clementine. Dash of rum? Don’t mind if I do – though with yesterday’s flaming brandy hair removal incident in mind, I think I’ll put it in the custard rather than risking flames again.

Nikon D5200 Nikkor 18-55mm ƒ11 55mm 1/60 ISO 3200

We’re all pagans today

Christmas Lights
The game is up. The sun is dying. We’ll never be able to grow crops again. Let’s have a huge piss-up festival in the desperate hope it brings the sun back.

A cliched shot, but I thought I should have a go at some Christmas spirit on the shortest day. I didn’t get the bokeh I was hoping for but that’s how bokeh rolls. One does not simply summon the bokeh. As expected, the Nikkor 18-55 kit lens under performed. I wonder if 2015 holds some higher quality Nikkor glass for me?

More Christmas Lights

Nikon D5200 Nikkor 18.0-55.0mm ƒ8.0 30.0mm 1/6 ISO 3200

Deck The Halls

Christmas Lights
Let’s just do something low key this year, keep it tasteful.”

Nikon D5200  Nikkor 18.0-55.0mm  ƒ4.0  18.0mm 1/60  ISO 800