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Early Doors

Early Doors

Frosty pre-dawn start this morning for a dawn chorus walk with the local wildlife group.

Nikon D7200 Tamron 17-50mm f11 17mm 1/160 ISO 100.

# TwelveTrees: March


The TwelveTrees project.

Almost Like The Fens

Almost Like The Fens

Gently rolling hills. That’s how we roll in Leicestershire. But if you stand on this spot at dawn, screw up your eyes and peer into the mist across the still sodden fields, it’s almost like the fens. Almost.

Yellowhammer Dawn

Yellowhammer Dawn

Up at 5.30 am. Not a cloud in the sky. Worth bothering to go out?

6 am, slight hint of pink in the east. In the car.

Sun comes up, fog comes down.

Yellowhammer in my ear while I’m setting up this shot.

Home for breakfast.

Come back Sun, all is forgiven


Bust a gut making that henge. Thank the ancestors it worked.

Shortest day

Nikon D5200 Tamron 17-50mm f8 18mm 1/1500 ISO 100

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

A New Dawn

Testing WordPress for photoblogging.